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Two years ago, AKA Combat Entertainment brought tactical laser tag to Oconomowoc. We know many of you have come to know and love AKA and were sad when they announced they'd be closing their doors on February 9th, 2014. We're happy to announce now, though, that tactical laser tag did not leave Oconomowoc! In conjunction with the AKA ownership, CMP Tactical Lazer Tag has taken over operations at that location! CMP has been serving up one of the most unique experiences in the world at its Milwaukee location for four years now.  In fact, CMP Milwaukee was one of the original inspirations for AKA. In addition to our indoor location in Milwaukee, we opened a massive outdoor field in Lake Geneva two years ago, too. Now we're looking forward to bringing you our brand of laser tag. So, while you'll be able to come in to that same place you always have to get your tactical combat experience, things will be a bit different. We at CMP believe in quality of experience first and foremost, and we believe in fun for all ages. We're perfectionists at heart, and we care dearly for our gameplay. We also believe we can be your go to destination for family fun in Oconomowoc.


As you'll probably notice, we're also very social creatures at CMP. What this means is that you can find us all over the web. First and foremost, you can check out our website. Out main social hub will be our Facebook, but we also have a Twitter, Instagram, and even tumblr. We have tons of videos to check out on our YouTube Page, too. 


Friday  4pm  to  9pm
Saturday  1pm  to  9pm
Sunday  1pm  to  8pm


Play time at our Oconomowoc location is broken down into 45 minute sessions. Sessions start on the hour every hour of open time, so Friday will have sessions at 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm. Saturday and Sunday will have sessions at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm.






Description  Price
45 min. session  $15
1.5 hour session  $25
3 hour session  $45

A 45 minute session consists of a safety briefing, gun orientation, gear up, and then all the games we can fit in that time period. Typically you should play between 3 and 4 missions in a 45 minute period. If you choose to play two of these 45 minute sessions, you'll get to play some completely new missions your second time around!


We know how to make a birthday memorable like no one else can. What other birthday could consist of safely blowing up bombs? Your child will get to play with or against his/her friends and step right into the modern day video games they love.


Right now, we have just one Birthday or Party Package. For just $180 you'll get tactical laser tag for 10 players in one of our 45 minute sessions. You'll also get access to one of our Party Rooms to eat anything you may have brought, share presents, or just let the kids rest and share war stories.  

You don't have to be celebrating to enjoy what we're offering. Looking for some family fun? Looking for an interesting date night? Kids are bored and want something to do? Do you just feel like shooting some things and blowing something up after a hard day of work? Want to make your weekend memorable? Well, you've come to the right place! Whether you want to come in by yourself or with a few friends, it doesn't matter. We'll get you on a team and outfitted with our state of the art equipment. You'll be out on the battlefield in no time!



We pride ourselves on the quality of our equipment. First up, our gun aren't plastic or cheap. They're made of aircraft grade aluminum. Each one is equipped with a deadly accurate red dot sight. We sight them in often, and rigorously check for problems, so you know you're getting the best of the best when we hand you the equipment.



The main gun in our fleet is the SMG. This submachine gun fires in a 3 round burst. It's light and maneuverable. It's the most well rounded of all the guns.



You could also get to play with one of our short-barreled rifles, or SBR for short. These are semi-auto, but only require 3 shots to take out an enemy.



In larger sessions we'll also pass out larger, heavier guns like our AK-47. This one's fully automatic and will deal tons of damage. If you see one of these, get out of the way. If you see a teammate with one of these, stick with them!   


See our full armory!

Our missions are top notch and play tested to perfection. We'll never put out a game that isn't fair and fun for all ages. No matter the skill level, you'll have a role to play in the missions we give you.


In this game players are tasked to capture and defend one or more central capture points in our arena. Whichever team controls those zones longest wins the game. It takes a lot of teamwork to take over, and then even more to hold it. Are you up for the challenge?

In war the supplies are key, and at CMP this is no different. One team is tasked with hiding and protecting one or two medical boxes inside their own base. The opposing team must make it across the arena, infiltrate the enemy's stronghold, capture the boxes, and make it back to their starting base. It takes rock solid strategy, teamwork, and lots of skill to attack or defend. Once the boxes are secured by either side, the game is flipped around and the roles are reversed.

In this scenario the two teams lock horns to either defend or destroy a target. At the start of the mission, the the attacking team transport our briefcase bomb to the designated target and arm it. Meanwhile, the defending team must prevent the use of the bomb. Failure to do so means they must defuse the bomb before time runs out! Once the zone is either destroyed or the day is saved the game is flipped and roles are reversed.


And many more! 


See our full mission selection!


Like our missions, we also test all of our arenas to perfection. We have years of experience building and designing fields, both indoor and out, and multilevel and single level. To begin with, AKA's current arena will be changed to be far more playable and to fit our style of games.  Along with this, we'll also be adding 30% more playable area. As with all of our arenas, we'll continue to change the arena layout in smaller ways to make it different almost every time you come in. As time goes on, we'll also make bigger cosmetic changes, too.


When the summer months get here, we'll be eager to open up the outdoor field, too. You'll be able to get in CMP's style of outdoor tactical laser tag without having to make the drive out to Lake Geneva. There will be new missions, new strategies, and the natural cover will create a whole new feel to the game.



We know higher level play isn't for everyone, but we like to provide an outlet for those who really get into the game. At our Milwaukee location we just finished a full tournament season, and are looking forward to our second one.  We've had over 20 tournaments in our history there. We have a rich competitive history if that's what you're into. Check out our YouTube channel for some videos of what some of our regulars are capable of.


In addition, look forward to things like Memberships and even age 17+ sessions as we grow the community in Oconomowoc.  



CMP Tactical Lazer Tag
1327 Wall Street
Oconomowoc, WI 53066