In this month's Skills Clinic you'll learn just how different and unforgiving outdoor laser tag can be. In The Wasteland, things are quite different from what you've experienced in Urban Warfare and The Complex. Referee Nick will give you all the secrets of The Wasteland. We'll be doing this skills clinic on the 23rd of August at 5PM at our Lake Geneva Location. Please be sure to register for this one if you'll be going. 

  You'll be able to use your newfound secrets from the Skills Clinic almost immediately, because our Free Session for Members will take place August 23 at 6PM, just after the Skills Clinic. You'll get two hours in The Wasteland, our massive outdoor field in Lake Geneva. If you haven't been there yet, it's definitely worth the drive. Because this is in Lake Geneva it's especially important that you register with us beforehand. So, give us a call at 414-483-2222 or come in and let us know you'll be attending.  
  Get your squads ready, because it's competition time! Instead of a normal tournament format, we're going to be doing something a bit different. You'll register in 4 player squads. Squads will be split up into two teams, then gain points in a multi-objective game. After the game is finished, squads will be  put with new squads, and the game will be played again. We'll keep doing this until you've played with and against everyone. The squad that gathers the most points during the competition will win! We'll have our winning squads up on our tournament page, getting the same glory as usual. Be sure to register your Squad beforehand!

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