Offices aren’t just for boring board meetings and slacking off on the internet while your boss is away. No, not anymore. With The Complex you’ll think of offices in a whole new light. This arena has everything from the cubicles to the shipping area. It’s large, maze-like format keeps you on your toes, and highlights the close quarters combat of CMP Tactical Lazer Tag.

Take cover behind large shipping boxes or these gated shipping containers. Be weary, though, as there are plenty of nooks and crannies for an enemy to shoot through. You have to always be aware of your surroundings and exactly what you’re taking cover behind.

The Complex is set up perfectly for tournament play. The arena easily seperates into three smaller zones, perfect for smaller 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 games. This makes sure you’re almost always a part of the action.

The Complex is also where we hold Birthdays and private parties. Next to the arena we have a private room for you to enjoy your special occasion. You can bring in your own food, or we can serve up cupcakes or pizza, depending on the package you've chosen.

If you're not participating and want to get a look at the action as it happens, or if you've got an overly large private event that needs more room, we have a mezzanine that overlooks the entire arena. This space is also used during tournaments so players waiting their turn in the action can check out the talents and strategies of the current teams.

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