CMP brings you a unique tactical combat experience like nothing else. We defy what one would normally think about when they hear the words "laser tag." We feature high tech realistic simulated weapons, air conditioned indoor multi-level buildings, and objective based game play. We’re far closer to a modern video game than traditional laser tag. We offer walk-in play, birthday parties, bachelor(ette) parties, corporate team building, and even mobile events. 

We have no bulky vests, no cheap feeling plastic guns, and no black lights. Our sensors are lightweight, and are only worn on the head. This combination creates a realistic tactical experience. If you can see someone and shoot them, you’re also capable of being shot. Each of our guns is equipped with red dot sight with unparalleled accuracy. Just place that dot on your enemy’s head sensors and BANG!

Most players will be outfitted with our SMG, the most maneuverable and versitile gun in our arsenal. Some combatants will get realistic fully automatic M-4s and AK-47s, one-hit-one-kill Sniper Rifles, semi-automatic Short Barelled Rifles, or compact fully automatic Mac-10s. There’s a gun for every playstyle and personality. You'll have to work with your teammates to find your best role in battle. You may need to find a sniper to lay down cover fire in a long hallway, or someone with a Mac-10 to infiltrate the enemy base.

Our arena is a simulated indoor cityscape complete with broken down car and dumpster. Every building has multiple playing levels, and all our rooftops are connected by bridges and tunnels. Our red base even has an entire crawling maze underneath, which can be used to infiltrate! You'll be stalking through corridors, watching every angle from every window and doorway.

Scoring at CMP is never based on how many kills you have or how few times you died. You gather points based on how your team performs. You win as a team, or lose as a team. In a typical hour and a half session you’ll play between 5 and 8 different missions. With each mission we'll give your team an objective to accomplish, like capturing crucial med-boxes, dominating areas in the arena, or even arming a bomb and making sure it blows up. Whatever the common goal is, you'll have to work with your team to make it happen.

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