Play time at our Frankfort location, which serves the greater Chicago area with tactical laser tag action, is broken up into specific hour and a half time slots. Each session includes gear up and briefing along with between 5 and 8 objective-based missions. You'll plant bombs, defend cubes, and dominate zones. Session time includes gear up, safety briefing, and gun orientation. We encourage you to arrive 30 minutes before session start time in order to fill out waivers and ensure you miss no game time.

Note: When you come in during our normal operating hours, you will be playing in what is called an Open-Play session with any other birthday parties or walk-ins.

Frankfort Pricing
Description  Price
1.5 hour session (5-8 missions)  $30 per person
3 hour session (10-16 missions)  $50 per person
Each additional 1.5 hour session  $20 per person
1.5 hour session for groups of 10+
(Reserved and paid in full at least 48 hours ahead of time. Non refundable.)
 $26 per person
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NOTE: Players must be age 8 and up

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