Urban Warfare is CMP Tactical Lazer Tag's premier indoor arena. Built in early 2010, this arena simulates building-to-building, room-to-room, and multilevel combat. Eight buildings surround a central street battleground. Step into that street and you’re fair game for anyone and everyone looking to score. Watch your head and take cover!

Snipe your enemies from afar. Hide behind boxes, pylons, barrels, and even a disabled car to get the jump on the opposing team. This massive arena can put plenty of distance between you and your enemy. Just watch your back.

The buildings aren’t just for show. Each one has multiple entrances and exits leading to the chaos on the streets. To get away from it all, you can climb the stairs to the second story. But, since every building is connected by walkways, you may just be heading into more danger.

Whether your target is a domination point, a bombing site, or even just an enemy combatant, you'll have to lead your squad through the corridors and secure a multitude of buildings as you go. Tensions are always high, and you're never really safe in Urban Warfare.

Search and Destroy is a favorite mission in this arena. One team picks a building to destroy. Then, they have only minutes to grab the briefcase bomb and detonate it at the top of their chosen building. To make matters more complicated, when it’s detonated, they have to fend off hordes of enemy soldiers while they wait for the explosion. When the bomb explodes it bathes the arena in light and a cacaphony of shattering windows and falling brick.

Sometimes the best way from point A to point B isn't in a straight line, and sometimes the best way to break the enemy lines is from behind. That's where The Annex comes in. Two darkened second story hallways connect to a central storage area where combatants battle it out amidst shipping boxes. Light is scarce up here, but cover isn't. If you manage get through you'll find yourself deep in enemy territory.

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