AKA Combat Entertainment and CMP Tactical Lazer Tag have both been offering up exhilarating battles for over six combined years now. Both companies had their roots in Wisconsin. AKA started with a facility in Oconomowoc, and then continued onward, building a premium multi-story arena and combat experience in Des Moines. CMP started in 2010 in Milwaukee and then added a giant outdoor battlefield in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Now, these two tactical laser tag super powers have merged into one company: CMP Tactical Lazer Tag.


What does this mean for you, Des Moines? Well, for one, it means you get our sweet new yellow and black color scheme. Other than the superficial stuff like the logo and color scheme, you'll get a much improved experience. With this merger CMP will be bringing over its highly reviewed props and gameplay.  The new company will also experience a much quicker timeline on getting even newer, more eye-popping things to play with. We know you already love how awesome AKA Combat Entertainment has been in the short month of its existence in your city, and we're excited to give you even more heart-pounding action. 


Thursday  5pm  to  10pm
Friday  5pm  to  12am
Saturday  12pm  to  12am
Sunday  12pm  to  9pm


Starting on March 7th, our Premium Multi-Story Arena, The Plaza, will be converted to only sessions. In order to play in that arena, you'll have to play at least an hour and a half session. Our second arena, The Lower Archives, will be running missions throughout most of our open time. So if you want to pop in and play something quick, you'll still have that opportunity.






Description  Price
Premium Arena:   The Plaza
1.5 hour session  $30
3 hour session  $50
Skirmish Arena:  The Archives
Missions  $7.50 or 2/$14

An hour and a half session consists of a safety briefing, gun orientation, gear up, and then all the games we can fit in that time period. Typically you should play between 4 and 6 missions. Session times are listed on our hours page


We pride ourselves on the quality of our equipment. Our guns are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, not cheap plastic. Each one is equipped with a deadly accurate red dot sight. We are rigorous and thorough with equipment maintenance, so you know you're getting only the best when we gear you up. As such, the armory will be making some changes over the next few weeks to change over to the new CMP fleet of guns.



The main gun in our fleet is the SMG. This submachine gun fires in a 3 round burst. It's light and maneuverable. It's the most well rounded of all the guns.



You could also get to play with one of our short-barreled rifles, or SBR for short. These are semi-auto, but only require 3 shots to take out an enemy.



In larger sessions we'll also pass out larger, heavier guns like our AK-47. This one's fully automatic and will deal tons of damage. If you see one of these, get out of the way. If you see a teammate with one of these, stick with them!   


See our full armory!

Starting March 7th, you will get all new missions from the excellent game designers at CMP. Our missions are top notch and play tested to perfection. We'll never put out a game that isn't fair and fun for all ages. No matter the skill level, you'll have a role to play in the missions we give you. Props like our Briefcase Bomb for Search and Destroy are built in-house, and they're rugged and durable. You won't feel like you're taking a break from your realistic metal weapon to play with a cheap plastic toy.  



In this game players are tasked with capturing and defending one or more central capture points in our arena. Whichever team controls those zones longest wins the game. It takes a lot of teamwork to take over, and then even more to hold it! Are you up for the challenge?

In war the supplies are key, and at CMP this is no different. One team is tasked with hiding and protecting one or two medical boxes inside their own base. The opposing team must make it across the arena, infiltrate the enemy's stronghold, capture the boxes, and return the supplies to their own base. Once the boxes are secured by either side, the game is flipped around and the roles are reversed. It takes rock solid strategy, teamwork, and lots of skill to attack or defend in this game.

In this scenario two teams lock horns to either defend or destroy a target. At the start of the mission, the attacking team must transport our briefcase bomb to the designated target and arm it. The defending team must prevent this from happening; if they can't, the game becomes a race against the clock to defuse the bomb before time runs out. Failure to do so will result in an earth-shattering explosion. Once the zone is destroyed or saved, the teams switch sides and the roles are reversed.


And many more! 


See our full mission selection!


AKA has already built an amazing arena for you to play in, and the merger will only make it better. In the beginning, there will be some minor layout changes to ensure that everything plays well for our new games. Down the road we'll be adding second floors to many or all of the central buildings. Our Premium Arena, The Plaza, will just get bigger and way more badass!


In addition to the Premium Arena, we'll also be setting up a Skirmish Arena downstairs more focused on closer quarters combat and single-mission gameplay. This arena will be a single level with simpler obstacles like boxes, barrels, and desks. It may not be as flashy as the multi-story upper level arena, but we guarantee it'll play like a dream. One of the coolest parts of an arena like this is that we can change the layout on the fly and give you a completely different combat experience!.



We know higher level play isn't for everyone, but we like to provide an outlet for those who really get into the game. At our Milwaukee location we just finished a full tournament season, and our second one is already underway.  We've had a rich history including more than 20 tournaments , with a flourishing competitive scene. . Check out our YouTube channel for some videos of what some of our Milwaukee regulars are capable of. We can't wait to bring some of that higher level play to you, Des Moines. 



CMP Tactical Lazer Tag
338 SW 6th Street
Des Moines, IA 50309


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