The Plaza is CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Des Moine's premium indoor arena. This arena simulates building-to-building, room-to-room, and multilevel combat. Multiple second story buildings and a complete balcony level surround six street level buildings. Time in this arena is split up into hour and a half sessions consisting of 4-6 different missions. Sessions create a bigger incentive for teamwork, as games are chained together and scores are added up. 

Sick of the close quarters combat on the street level? Fight your way to the second story to command the battlefield. Just like real life, those who control the high ground can control the game. Once you get to the second floor, you'll find a large balcony level filled with winding corridors of upper level buildings.

The second story balcony is dotted with rooms and windows that make for perfect sniping spots. Get a good look into the streets below and pick your shots on your unsuspecting enemies.

Fight your way through the street level, but learn to watch your head. If there isn't a roof above, you're extremely vulnerable. Watch that second story and move foward. Both teams spawn on the first floor, so get ready for some close quarters combat. You'll have to work to get to one of the two staircases to escape the streets. 

We have many exciting missions  and eye-popping props made exclusively for the multi-level combat in The Plaza. In Search and Destroy, one team must transport a briefcase bomb to a designated area and detonate it.  To make matters more complicated, when it’s detonated, they have to fend off hordes of enemy soldiers while they wait for the explosion. When the bomb explodes it bathes the arena in light and a cacaphony of shattering windows and falling bricks.


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